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​Typically we start with a free 15-minute virtual consultation to ask any questions you may have, review our services, and find out how Postpartum Parent Network can best support you. We strive on early intervention to reduce your risk and get you the proper help that you need now. The consultation allows us to connect, review your symptoms, determine whether your primary healthcare provider is aware of how you feel, and discuss any further concerns you may have.


The next step is determining your availability and prioritizing our initial session. The initial session takes place either in the comfort of your own home or virtual, and is 90 minutes in length whereby we obtain a comprehensive health history,  evaluation, and assess you for any risk of a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder utilizing evidence-based screening questionnaires. If the assessment outcome reveals any identified risks, we follow up promptly with your primary care provider requesting further clinical assessment urgently. 

If you don't feel like yourself and are having more bad days than good days, this is a sign that you may benefit from speaking with a certified perinatal mental health professional. Contact us now and get the proper help that you need so that you can get back to living your best life now! 


We have a wide array of perinatal services whether you are pregnant, planning, or postpartum. We offer both individual and couple interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy which are empirically validated and have established efficacy in the perinatal population for the treatment and management of perinatal depression, anxiety, and OCD.  We also offer many energy psychology therapies such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), and Mindfulness group classes for both expectant parents as well as postpartum support. Babies are welcome too! Book a class or session below. Let's connect now! 


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