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Different Ways To Manage Perinatal Anxiety

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Perinatal Anxiety Care

If you or a loved one is experiencing perinatal anxiety, the best course of action is to set an appointment with an expert because this condition can be difficult to deal with. Some mothers are unable to relax. They can’t stop worrying about many things, and they also feel disconnected from the world.

Perinatal anxiety doesn’t only affect one’s mind; it also affects the body. It prevents you from living a healthy lifestyle because of all the negative thoughts that come. These are some activities you can do to help in dealing with perinatal anxiety:

Self-Help Activities

There are simple things you can do to feel less anxious. These activities are easy to do, and they will help you cope with perinatal anxiety.

Shift Your Focus

Sometimes, distracting yourself can help you feel less anxious. Try focusing on simple things like the sound of chirping birds, the color of the wall in front, or even the texture of your shirt. Focusing on them can help you calm down, even for a moment.

Do Breathing Exercises

Simply changing your breathing and controlling it consciously help you relax. Whenever you feel anxious, try taking slow, deep breaths. Allow your belly to expand when you inhale for a few seconds. Then exhale slowly for a longer duration. Repeat this breathing pattern for four to five times until you feel relaxed.

Get Physical

Doing physical activities doesn’t mean you need to exercise strenuously. While sports and workouts are beneficial, a simple walk also helps you deal with anxiety. You can have a short walk around the house or your neighborhood. Tidying your home may also help you stay active and divert your attention away from intrusive thoughts.

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a simple way to help you with your perinatal anxiety. It involves sharing your thoughts, experiences, feelings, and behavior with a trained professional who listens to you without judgement. They will be there to help you understand yourself and the situation you’re in to help you ease your feelings or manage your anxiety.

Anxiety Medication

In some serious cases, medication for anxiety is needed. Some mothers feel extreme anxiety and aren’t able to cope on their own. If you ever experience this feeling, consult a professional. They can diagnose and prescribe you with the proper medication, which is safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Seek Professional Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help. It will assist you in dealing with intrusive thoughts that make you struggle. Postpartum Parent Network has different methods to help you cope with your perinatal anxiety. Contact us today.

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