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Sometimes the Strength of Motherhood is Greater Than Natural Laws

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Postpartum depression treatment

Welcome Mamas! It has been 2+ years since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, who has somehow already grown into a full-blown toddler (time flies!). I am so excited to share my journey of single motherhood with you! This blog focuses on empowering mothers through health, fitness, wellness, family, food, and the utmost important topic of self-care. As a single mom, finding the time to even read blogs can be difficult enough, so I want to make sure that my content is valuable, quick, and gets right to the nitty gritty of things. You will find that some of my topics may be sensitive in nature, due to my background as a healthcare professional as well as having suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety (which still affects me at the best of times, but I’ll get into that later). An added layer worth mentioning is the circumstances surrounding raising my child on my own, which I will also share with you as we get to know each other a bit more over time. But for now, I just want to send you a virtual "hello!" and share my goal of this blog which is to:

a) Provide a safe haven for single moms to relate to the realness and rawness of single parenthood

b) Encourage, inspire, and motivate the ever-strong, yet ever-exhausted single mama (I’m right here with you all the way!)

I hope you not only find peace of mind and relatability through my blog, but also a sense of awareness in regards to the amazing strength, audacity, and versatility it takes to be a single mom.


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